Curzon Street, Birmingham. For Artsfest, September 2008

On the site of the oldest railway station in Birmingham, the Blast team presented an aural explosion in celebration of the City’s steam-driven past. Fire and water combined, creating an explosive mixture of steam, sound, fire and pyrotechnic marvels, including the awe-inspiring Large Hot Pipe Organ, the unforgettable Orchestrated Steam Whistles, the Fire Horns, the Percussion Engine, Pyrotechnic Whistles, Flying Rockets, Pyrophones and Balls of Fire.

Blast Artist Team: Mark Anderson and Helen Ingham of DarkSpark, Anne Bean, Ansuman Biswas, Kirsten Reynolds, Nick Sales, Richard Wilson. Large Hot Pipe Organ by Bastiaan Maris.

Commissioned by Urban Fusion and Birmingham City Council with additional funding from Arts Council England.