Dark Spark are a multi-media art/performance/installation duo specialising in site specific work utilising sound, light, kinetics, fire, and pyrotechnics.

Based near Machynlleth in mid Wales, Dark Spark represents a longstanding collaborative venture between artists and partners Mark Anderson and Helen Ingham. This site documents some of their work together.  Nowadays they’re mostly involved in solo projects of one kind and another (See Mark’s video channel here and Helen’s Flickr pics here) but once in a while, the ol’ spark gets rekindled, as it did in September at Berrington Hall….



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. What an intriguing experience it was in Preston Park last Friday evening.

    The sounds and images continue to assault me. Thank you and all your group for creating this event.

    Le Deserteur, profound though it is as a poem/song, and significant in the context in which it was used, is not lying easily on my mind – because it isn’t contemporaneous with WWI, I think, including the fact that the musical setting is of a different, later era… How did you come to use this?

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